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Responsive Project

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We were asked to build a responsive website that worked across 5 devices. We were given breakpoints to use a a guildline as well for this project. This was our first fully responsive website that we built out.

This project in particular was especially challenging for two reasons, the first that this was our first entirely responsive website. The second reason that this was especially challenging is that we learnt desktop down for web design which was great, but for this project I decided to challenge myself and build mobile up.

It was a bit of learning curve to flip my brain in the opposite direction, but I thought it was worth spending the time to try and do, especially for future work. Doing the design of the site from mobile up wasn't too difficult (although opposite to me), but for the media queries it was much more challenging as everything was opposite to what I had previously used and took a little while to figure out.

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What I Learned...

That building sites desktop down and mobile up are completely different methods, neither is right or wrong, but just different. Although we learnt desktop down in school, I will be building future sites mobile up whenever possible. I feel that starting with mobile is a little easier as it's a much more simple design, and what is necessary to be there, will be there. More complicated elements and details can be built out from there.

What I Enjoyed...

I enjoyed finally building out an entire site to be responsive, as this was our first project that was fully responsive in class. Although we were given set breakpoints for this project, I felt that it was best to not use the 'suggested' breakpoints as a rule, but as a guideline. I chose to do my breakpoints by eye and what seemed most natural for my design, and in turn my end users.

What I Would Do Differently...

I would go down to single column for mobile in my design. I chose not to go down to single column as I felt that there was enough room to see the pictures and click on the links. Even though my design works, I feel now that it would have been better to go down to single column for a little more room, and I feel that it's what people are used to seeing for sites on mobile devices.